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Don’t Go Under the Knife Until You Try an Acupuncture Facelift First

acupuncture face liftI just finished watching one of those talk shows where a group of women sit around gabbing about the issues of the day. They were talking about facelifts and shouting things like, “You go girl!” and “Can’t fault her for trying!” It was depressing. I kept thinking, “Are there no other options?” Then I found something awesome for us to turn to. We don’t have to go under the knife, we can get an acupuncture facelift.

As a general rule, I don’t advocate cosmetic surgery anyway.There are so many problems and side effects, it scares me to death.  I prefer starting with natural medicine and reorienting our minds and our hearts before turning to allopathic doctors. With that said, I get it. We live in a society that prizes beauty and youth and tracks each and every wrinkle. I wish we could look at wrinkles as a sign of wisdom, but alas, we are the very hardest on ourselves. That is why it is so much more easy and natural and better for our bodies to improve our skin with acupuncture.

What is an acupuncture facelift?

Acupuncture works with energy. Specifically, clearing energy blockages and letting the Qi flow. An acupuncture facelift does this but for your face. When teeny tiny (painless, if you ask me) needles are placed in specific points, called meridians, blood flow increases to your face and collagen production is given a jump start. This, in turn, decreases fine lines, and even deep wrinkles. An acupuncture facelift improves the whole body to give your skin a softer, more dewy appearance.

Who can get an acupuncture facelift?

People with aging skin, of course. As with any natural remedy, it works much better if you start at the first sign of irritation or dissatisfaction. An acupuncture facelift is no different. It is better to begin get your first set of treatments as soon as possible to stave off and slow down the deep wrinkles. Then, get follow ups as needed. However, this treatment is going to help any skin, male or female, old or young.

How long does an acupuncture facelift take?

Usually, 10-12 weeks of treatments once a week are recommended to get the results you desire.

If you are thinking you need a little touch up, look to a natural remedy that will enhance your energy and your entire body: get an acupuncture facial!


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