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Acupuncture for Stress: The holidays are upon us

acupuncture for stressWhat one Earth happened? I blinked and it is going to be Christmas in less than two weeks. Hanukkah starts in two days and lasts until the 24th. I know what happened. Thanksgiving was late this year, it gave us less time between it and our December holidays. However, just knowing it doesn’t ease the holiday stress of less time. I am maxed out. I need relief. One great technique, I know works every time is acupuncture for stress.

Without even going in to see Leah for acupuncture for stress treatments, I know her space and her style and no matter what you are treated for, you walk out of her office magically relaxed, regardless of what problem she is seeing you for that day. I am being treated for menopause issues (a myriad of them) and between her therapeutic massage, the smells, the dim lights, and her acupuncture,  I walk out of her office every time with my eyes at half mast. I have to take a moment to acclimate so I can drive.

Acupuncture for Stress Treatments:

But I digress, one of Leah Davida’s specialties is giving acupuncture for stress, specifically to make you feel better and less anxious. Your acupuncture provider (Leah) will place wee little needles in specific points, called meridians that will help alleviate stress and anxiety in a number of ways. Points you can massage, yourself,  to get some of the benefit are:

  • Kidney 1 : on the bottom of your foot…like a good foot massage isn’t going to de-stress you big time…however, to find the exact location, click on the points.
  • Spleen 4 : Although the name implies it might be on your torso, it is another foot goodie. You do need that foot massage.
  • Ren 17: Also known as chest center

There are many more acupuncture for stress points. Too many to name. You will just have to go in and make an appointment to get all the stress reducing treats she has to offer!


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