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Acupuncture for the Ear: Looking toward El Niño

Acupuncture for the EarThis weather in Southern California has got me all topsy-turvy. I mean do we really expect it to go from 100 degrees and sunny one day to pouring rain and lightening the next? And…In September? Every time we make a shift in the weather where a rain front comes in, my ears seem to get pressurized. It is become crazy and what is worse, El Niño is promised. All I can imagine are storm fronts pressurizing and depressurizing the unstable air and my poor ears popping like mad. I really need some acupuncture for the ear.

Of course there are thousands of things that could cause the sensation of clogged and/or popping ears. However, the ones that seem to get the most traction with me come in two varieties:

Acupuncture for the ear: Congestion Relief

Ear congestion can be caused from fluid build up in the ear. This can be caused by colds or flu. As well, allergies can just make those ears feel clogged when really the lining is inflamed. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon the flow of energy, called Qi (pronounced Chee). There are many energy paths around the ear. Thus Acupuncture for the ear for congestion works exceptionally well to open the ear.

Acupuncture for the ear: Relieving Ear Pressure

This type of acupuncture uses different meridian points near the entrance to your ear canal to “pop” your ears. Using San Jiao 21, Small Intestine 19 and Gallbladder 2 you can get the pressure relief you desire, sans gum. Over the course of treatments you can lessen your sensitivity to those pressure changes, brought on by pesky weather systems, like El Niño.

So, looking ahead, El Niño has the potential to wreck havoc upon my ears, if I let it. Lucky for me I am going to go try out acupuncture for the ear. Our next blog post will be on the results of the treatment. Stay tuned!


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