Leah proudly announces her move to Stanford Healthcare and is exclusively seeing Qualcomm employees who want Acupuncture services at the Qualcomm Health Center at 10155 Pacific Heights Road, San Diego, CA.

Acupuncture Facelift: What is it really like?

acupuncture faceliftYou have seen blogs about the acupuncture facelift here before. I thought I knew how they were done and their efficacy. However, my knowledge wasn’t personal. I always relied upon the eyewitness account of others. This is different. This time, I went under the needle and started the acupuncture facelift process.

What happens during an acupuncture facelift?

Well I can tell you that if you are used to acupuncture, you won’t be disappointed. It includes some of the same procedures that we are all used to. You acupuncturist will place tiny needles at specific points, called meridians, with the goal to get your energy flowing properly. I went to see Leah and she placed needles in points to enhance my skin quality and elasticity. It was as I was used to. However, she did something I didn’t expect. She turned on a brighter light and identified specific wrinkles that were bothering me. She threaded a needle along the wrinkle line to break up the scar tissue creating the wrinkle. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt a bit. It felt a bit uplifting, if you must know. These were left in for a time, during which she did her usual and amazing acupressure massage.

Did the acupuncture facelift work?

That is the big question. First..yes you must wait…an acupuncture facelift is not completed in one sitting. It is done over a course of sessions. How many, will depend upon each person, their needs, and skin. Everyone is different. However, I have to say, I immediately noticed a softening in the lines that she perked up. I can’t wait to go back. Over the course of a few sessions, I will come back and write another update on the long term results.

I know I am not supposed to worry about these wrinkles, but an acupuncture facelift was just too tempting to pass up!

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