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Acupuncture for the ear: How did it work? Pt. 2

acupuncture for the earTwo weeks ago, we looked at acupuncture for the ear. I was having this terrible problem. You see, normally in September and October, in Southern California, it is hot. In fact, those are the hottest two months of the year. September is the worst. This year, has been different. There have been a series of tropical storms that have lowered the thermometer and brought large doses of desperately needed rain. The problem is that every time one of those storms rears its head, mine closes up. The pressure in my ears ranges from to the point where I  have a hard time hearing to mild irritation and a sense of ringing in the ears. I decided to put Leah to the test, I am sure she loves that…and tried acupuncture for the ear. On a side note, I also tried out a round of an acupuncture face lift…..hang on until later on this month for the incredible post about the results.

Back to acupuncture for the ear and how it worked out. Immediately after the treatment, I could feel the entire length of my Eustachian tubes (those are the tubes that lead from your middle ears to the back of your throat, they help equalize pressure in your ears). It was like they were lit up and open. Gradually, post acupuncture for the ear, that sensation faded but a sense of openness remained.

Well, my acupuncture for the ear got immediately tested. Of course, the rain began this weekend. However, the best part was that I didn’t even realize it was going to happen. Normally, I would feel so much pressure, prior to a storm, it would be painful. This time, with acupuncture to the ear, I felt no alteration, no discomfort. As with most Traditional Chinese Medicine, one treatment is rarely going to cure a significant issue. However, I can say that I felt dramatic change with one treatment. If it comes back, I will request those same wee needles be inserted again. Finally, something non-pharmaceutical, that works!

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