Leah proudly announces her move to Stanford Healthcare and is exclusively seeing Qualcomm employees who want Acupuncture services at the Qualcomm Health Center at 10155 Pacific Heights Road, San Diego, CA.

Your Guide to Choosing an Acupuncture Provider

choosing an acupuncture providerRight here, on this website is a page called “Choosing an Acupuncturist” In it, Leah tells you about the different types of acupuncture. Check it out, it is important to understand the variations and know what style speaks to you. Choosing an Acupuncture Provider is definitely about styles, but it is about so much more. Think of this more as the “Girlfriends Guide” to choosing an acupuncture provider. So, here we go.

Your Guide to Choosing an Acupuncture Provider

  • Style: Know the style of acupuncture you are seeking (by checking out our informative page) and ask possible acupuncture provider candidates about their style.
  • Insurance: Call your insurance company or hop online and find out what acupuncture providers are covered under your plan. You might be amazed that many more are covered than you think.
  • Recommendations: Get recommendations when choosing an acupuncture provider. Ask trusted family and friends.
  • Licensing: California licenses acupuncturists. Find out here if the provider you are looking at is licensed properly.
  • Reputation: Read testimonials and any blogs found on their website. Ask how long they have been practicing. Do some legwork and investigate how the community views them.
  • Location, location, location: Are they convenient? Just because there is a great acupuncturist doesn’t mean you should subject yourself to an hour and a half drive. When choosing an acupuncture provider, make sure you won’t be bitter with the drive.
  • Meet your acupuncturist: See if you can ask a couple questions about the nature of your ailment. How many appointments will it require? How often? You also will get a sense of their energy, if I may get all metaphysical with you. It is important to feel comfortable and confident.

When choosing your acupuncture provider, don’t just go to the guy next door (although they may be great). Do some research and get an acupuncturist who you resonate with on many levels.

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