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About Leah Davida Krecu Acupuncturist

Leah proudly announces her move to Stanford Healthcare and is exclusively seeing Qualcomm employees who want Acupuncture services at the Qualcomm Health Center at 10155 Pacific Heights Road, San Diego, CA.

About Leah Davida Krecu Acupuncturist

Leah Davida Encinitas Acupuncture

In California, an Acupuncturist needs to complete a four year program and pass state boards. I am a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA where I received a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. I am also a certified acupuncturist by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

I practice in a very hands-on approach in working with each individual patient. My acupuncturist practice is enhanced by my previous degrees, a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Video and Film Production and a Massage Therapist license. I have been in private practice since 1997 in Encinitas, California. I have lectured on my special interests in diabetes, cancer, mental/emotional issues, and nutrition.

I am also involved in UCSD’s Center for Integrative Medicine as an acupuncturist through the UC San Diego Health System.

I have been marveling on how the body works as long as I can remember. Fascinated by how we move, why some people are skinny and some fat, some seem to always be healthy while others seem to be vulnerable to all kinds of ailments. I have been lucky to have found a medical model that beautifully explains how our unique constitutional bodies interact with the world around us – acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, nutrition and various other techniques that focus on balancing dis-harmonies in the body. It has a very long rich history that has been well documented over several thousands of years.