Leah proudly announces her move to Stanford Healthcare and is exclusively seeing Qualcomm employees who want Acupuncture services at the Qualcomm Health Center at 10155 Pacific Heights Road, San Diego, CA.

Nutrition and My Other Life…

One of my passions is quality food and nutrition. Not only did I grow up in the food business but I married a biodynamic, organic farmer. I can proudly say “I am a farmers wife!”

Nutrition EncinitasIn Chinese Medicine, nutrition is emphasized in the treatment of whatever is ailing you. If you are hot, we might recommend cooling foods. If you are cold we might recommend warming foods and so on. Since many of the herbs we use in our pharmacopeia are foods, it is very important that they are grown in quality soils in healthful ways. The better our food is, the better our nutrition is and the better our health is.

I provide nutritional counseling during treatment and in “my other life” I volunteer in a school garden growing veggies and teaching kids about nutrition and where their food comes from. The school garden has been developed as a teaching tool and a “garden to lunch” program where the kids help in the garden and grow the food that is used in the school kitchen. We have harvested tomatoes, beans, mint, parsley, lettuce, horseradish, kale, chard, lemongrass, cilantro, garlic and each season we are adding and experimenting on what will grow and what the kids will eat.

Feeding ourselves and our children proper nutrition and understanding the true cost and ethics of food production is our FIRST defense to staying healthy!

Here are a few links to get you surfing the web if you are interested in learning more.
Farm to School http://www.farmtoschool.org/
Food Corp http://food-corps.org/
Biodynamic Association http://www.biodynamics.com/
Beginning Farmers http://www.beginningfarmers.org/