Leah proudly announces her move to Stanford Healthcare and is exclusively seeing Qualcomm employees who want Acupuncture services at the Qualcomm Health Center at 10155 Pacific Heights Road, San Diego, CA.

Acupuncture Helps Urinary Incontinence

acupuncture helps urinary incontinenceI am watching my normal barrage of reality stars and Housewives when I spy an episode where a group of women are working out. The instructor tells them they are going to run a lap around the fitness center to warm up. All the ladies follow but one….the reason? Urinary incontinence. She must not have know that acupuncture helps urinary incontinence.

We women don’t want to talk about it or admit it. However, it is a big issue for many of us. You have a couple of kids and all of a sudden, you get a little trickle of urine when you laugh or sneeze. You have to start wearing a mini pad or there is trouble. Western medicine doesn’t offer too many good solutions, other that the never ceasing crunch of Kegel exercises or sling surgery. So is it possible that acupuncture helps urinary incontinence?

Research Shows Acupuncture Helps Urinary Incontinence

Chinese researches took two groups of women with stress urinary incontinence. Both groups practiced Kegel exercises (those pelvic floor crunches). One group also received acupuncture. The results were startling. There was 70% improvement from the control group and 93.3% improvement from the women who had the acupuncture. The points used are called the Baliao points are are ones that stimulate the kidney, regulate the bladder and urination, and stimulate local muscles.

What does this mean for women?

Well, it proves that with exercise and acupuncture you can get almost complete relief of your urinary issues. Acupuncture helps urinary incontinence and can improve the quality of your life, immediately. The last thing on earth that you want is to be excluded from the fun and activities or get taken by surprise from your urinary incontinence. Call Leah today to schedule your appointment and take back control of your life.

Acupuncture vs Acupressure

acupuncture vs acupressureYou hear your girlfriends talking about the relief they received from their acupuncture appointment. You see them rubbing their hands and ears in a certain way and they tell you it is acupressure. You become confused and all you can think of in your head is, “acupuncture vs acupressure? What is the story?” Well the story is that these friends of yours are using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture vs. acupressure is almost suggesting that they are different modalities, when, in fact, they are both used to do, essentially the same thing. TCM stops asking acupuncture vs acupressure. They are interested in the free flow of energy or Qi (pronounced Chee) throughout our body. When the energy flow is disrupted, there is disease and distress.

Acupuncture vs acupressure:

Acupuncture uses very small needles to stimulate energy points, called meridians. In some forms of acupuncture these needles are electrically stimulated. In acupressure, there are no needles. There is manual stimulation of those same meridians. There is a great deal more medical research conducted on acupuncture vs acupressure showing that acupuncture has many beneficial uses. Yet, acupressure is based upon the same reasoning and concept of the body, as a big ball of energy,that acupuncture is. Their goals are the same, to get that Qi flowing.

What does Leah do? Acupuncture vs acupuressure:

Both…Isn’t that the best answer? Leah Davida‘s treatments involve acupuncture. During your acupuncture session, Leah may place stimulating seeds taped to certain points for you to continue to stimulate during the week. She will also give you an acupressure massage, focusing on continuing any stimulation needed to enhance the acupuncture. The two forms of meridian stimulation work lovely, in tandem. When you ask what is Leah’s specialty acupuncture vs acupressure? You can rest assured that you will get both healing methods.

In addition to solving your acupuncture vs. acupressure woes, Leah may also suggest an herbal remedy to enhance your treatment and aid in your healing.



Summer injuries: Ocean Injuries are Helped With Acupuncture

ocean injuries helped with acupunctureAfter slogging through “May Gray” and “June Gloom” we are now into July. Although, it doesn’t seem much warmer, we all know that is going to change come August and September. The beach will be the place to hang out and have fun. You have to be careful, though, because the waves, even when small, can cause some pretty serious injuries. Don’t ever underestimate the power of the ocean. If you find yourself in that terrible position, you can rest assured that ocean injuries are helped with acupuncture.

If ocean injuries are helped with acupuncture, what kind of injuries are we talking about?

The waves can cause injuries that range the gamut from mild sprains and strains to broken bones, dislocations, and separated shoulders. They include injuries of the muscles as well as tendons and ligaments. These injuries usually take place in less than two feet of water but can cause lifelong pain. Ocean injuries are helped with acupuncture because acupuncture is great at relieving pain. Acupuncture is also amazing at helping to heal injuries of tendons and ligaments. Your body isn’t so good at healing tendons and ligaments because there isn’t very much blood flow. However, that is where acupuncture shines. Ocean injuries are helped with acupuncture, also, because acupuncture is amazing at relieving inflammation. Whenever you have inflammation, you have heat and pain. Whether you have broken a bone or have other injuries, you will need the inflammation relief that acupuncture can provide.

Other ocean injuries are helped with acupuncture, too!

Because acupuncture helps with all inflammation and pain it can help all your beach woes. Everything from jellyfish stings to sunburn can be helped. Acupuncture can speed the healing of all sorts of things you never dreamed possible. Have Leah’s number in your back pocket when you and your family enjoy all the beach has to offer.

Is My Acupuncture Covered by Medicare?

We recently did a post about the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare regarding whether or not acupuncture will be covered. In case you missed it, there is a non-discrimination clause that forces insurance companies to cover the treatment of any licensed health care provider. However, medicare is a bit different. So…you ask, “is my acupuncture covered by medicare?” The answer is a resounding NO with a teeny tiny bit of wiggle room.

For Medicare to cover a service it must be, “medically necessary.” Despite that acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years, the United States hasn’t quite caught up with the game. They limit their services to those prescribed by a physician. Yet, even if there is a forward thinking physician who prescribes acupuncture they are loathe to cover your treatment

Is my acupuncture covered by medicare, at all? Where is that wiggle room?

Generally speaking when you ask is my acupuncture covered by medicare, you are speaking of Medicare part A and part B. However, if you are talking about Medicare Advantage Plans, that may be a different answer. You will need to do your research. Not all Medicare Advantage Plans are alike. You have to read the fine print. There are some out there that do, in part, cover acupuncture.

Another piece of the puzzle is finding an acupuncture provider that will work with your Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). Most acupuncture providers are working off the No to your question, is acupuncture covered by Medicare. They just aren’t set up for Medicare, even Part C.

Another avenue is when a senior opts out of Medicare and gets another insurance plan for Seniors. Again, some of the time that insurance only covers what Medicare covers. However, if you really want acupuncture and you want an answer to, “is my acupuncture covered by medicare.” The answer may be that it is covered by your Medicare alternative insurance. You just have to look.

Hopefully, our medical system will catch up and your acupuncture will be covered. When you know something works, like I do, it is a shame that they are discriminated against by Medicare.

Acupuncture for Plantar Fasciitis: Does it work?

acupuncture for plantar fasciitisI love to write this blog. Sometimes it seems as though you are all getting a list of great reviews from my own personal experiences with Leah Davida. This time my review is on acupuncture for plantar fasciitis. About two years ago, I got plantar fasciitis. For those of you who do not need acupuncture for plantar fasciitis, consider yourself lucky. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation on the heel of your foot and this inflammation causes severe pain. Once the swelling gets under control, which can be difficult, the pain miraculously disappears. So, after suffering for over a month with this pain, it seemed to go away and I forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago. It reappeared with a vengeance.

Luckily for me, I knew I was going to see Leah and I could ask her if she could do some acupuncture for plantar fasciitis on me. I limped around, put some orthotics in my shoes, wrapped my foot with an ace bandage, all to no avail. When I finally dragged myself to see Leah, I could barely put any pressure on the foot, and it was hurting all the time, not just in the morning, as is common.

How does Acupuncture for Plantar Fasciitis work?

Well, as you may or may not know, acupuncture works great for pain and inflammation, which is exactly what I needed. The traditional method for helping people with this plantar fasciitis (and the one that has been studied in Acupuncture in Medicine)  is to place small needles…they are so small you don’t even feel… them at certain meridians. Specifically,  Taixi (KI.3), Kunlun (BL.60) and Sanyinjiao (SP.6) energy points seem to give the best relief. If the pain and inflammation is especially bad, it is recommended that these treatments be continued once a week for a month and then reassessed.

Leah also recommended taping my foot in a very specific manner. That is, to start at the arch nearest the ball of the foot and place a 5 inch piece of tape under the arch from one side to the next while pulling the flesh toward the heel. I was to repeat this two or three times until the entire arch was supported. Then, I placed a piece of tape around my ankle and atop the edges of the other tape to keep them in place.

So, does acupuncture for plantar fasciitis work? Decidedly YES! I am pain free.

Acupuncture for flu…What Can it do?

acupuncture for fluAs I sit typing, I am kicking myself that I did not run to see Leah sooner. I am recovering from one of the worst bouts of flu I have ever had. It was complete with aches, nausea, fever, congestion…the whole nine yards. I had almost forgotten how awful the flu can be. I was in bed for 5 days and I am still not 100%.  The second I started feeling it coming on, I ought to have ran to get some acupuncture for flu.

Acupuncture seems like an intuitive treatment for me when I have a back ache or even a headache. However, when we are ill, sometime we don’t think that this inclusive, holistic, medicinal practice could work for something as mundane as the common cold or flu. If you think that, you would be wrong. Acupuncture for flu works. It does so on a number of fronts.

So…how does Acupuncture for flu work?

Well, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we view our bodies as powerhouses of energy. That body energy is call Qi (pronounced chee). When the Qi is not flowing properly, you get all manner of sickness, depending upon where the traffic jam lies. Acupuncture for flu, actually, acupuncture in general, works to restore proper balance to the body to get your Qi flowing. If you are seeing Leah for acupuncture for flu, there are some ways she can help

  1. Immune Boost Before: Visit her regularly to boost your immune system so you reduce your chances of finding yourself in my sick state.
  2. Immune Boost After: Even if you are already sick, she can help you get over the flu faster. That pesky flu can last up to 10 days and worse, if you aren’t careful it can go into pneumonia. We don’t want that! Acupuncture for flu will get you up and going.
  3. Body Boost: Acupuncture for flu will help with all those body aches and chills.
  4. Breathing Boost: You will also feel relief in your congestion and sore throat

If you see Leah regularly, ask her for a little extra immune help. If not, make your appointment before you get sick, or not….she will help you either way!

Acupuncture for Sea Sickness – Get Help Before You Travel

acupuncture for sea sicknessWe are into travel season and my husband started talking about taking a cruise. I immediately recoiled. There is no way you are getting me on a boat in my state. What state is that? The terrible state of sea sickness. When I was a girl, I never had a problem with motion sickness. I would go on the craziest roller coasters and get on any water skiing boat ready for take off. However, the older I get, the worse my motion sickness gets. I am deathly afraid of what that big city in the ocean would do to my belly. The baby roller coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm already sickened me into fright. Believe me, I am not spending my first 3 days of any vacation ill, if humanly possible. So…I started thinking, is there such a thing as acupuncture for sea sickness? Yes, there is.

To be totally  blunt, I didn’t come up with the question. I got it from a novel…the Outlander Series. In said series, Jamie is horribly sea sick. He is so bad that he seems to never get well, until he gets a treatment from Mr. Willoughby. Mr. Willoughby is a small, Chinese man Jamie befriended at the docks. To be fair, most men would be small compared to Jamie Fraser,  but Mr. Willoughby knew all about acupuncture for sea sickness. He poked Jamie with his “wee jabbers” and miracle upon miracle, Jamie could manage at sea. So….how does acupuncture for sea sickness work in the real world?

Well, first you need to make an appointment with Leah a day or so before going on the water. She will do her treatment and stick you with her “wee jabbers”. It is amazing that something that helps so much is so darn relaxing. She will stimulate particular meridians (energy points) on your body to end the sea sickness. Then, she will leave you with a seed attached to your ear with tape. This is so you can continue your acupuncture for sea sickness when you really need it.When you are on the boat and feeling a bit woozy, start rubbing your little seed. You won’t believe it, but the sea sickness abates.

If you are anything like me, great amounts of gratitude will be waiting for Leah upon your return. Now you are ready to explore the world. Enjoy!


Acupuncture for Autism – A Lofty Enterprise? Maybe Not!

acupuncture for autismIt is Autism Awareness Month, so it is only appropriate that this post remain timely. The rates of autism are on the rise in America. The latest research shows that there may be both a genetic component and, possibly, an environmental stimulus. Autism consists of a broad spectrum of behaviors. It is, in fact, considered a “spectrum disorder” as it ranges from Asperger’s Syndrome to classic Autism, to Rhett’s syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorder. What is central to the spectrum are a series of insuffficiencies in language and communication. We are having a hard time getting to the bottom of this autism epidemic and maybe you, like me, was wondering whether acupuncture for autism would have any benefit. A preliminary and hopeful look, is yes!

Acupuncture for autism starts a scary business of introducing a new treatment into the schedule of an autistic person. It also involves allowing a new person in their environment to touch them in ways that may or may not be upsetting to them. Acupuncture for autism requires time to even get on with, let alone to be effective. If, after much introduction, you are allowed into an autistic human’s space, acupuncture for autism can commence.

Chinese Medicine does not even have the concept of autism. However, they do know how to deal with its symptoms. Primarily, acupuncture for autism relies upon proper Qi movement through the heart, spleen, and kidneys…the areas that control reason and awareness.

Acupuncture for Autism – How’s it done?

(According to Mary Cissy Majebe’s, “Chinese Medicine and Autism An Introduction for Parents, Teachers and Allopathic Physicians,”)

  • Elimination of Phlegm: When phlegm invades the mind, it leads to dullness and lack of attention to surroundings. It is vital to reduce and eliminate phlegm.
  • Tonify Heart Blood, Qi, and Yin: This will ease lethargy and introversion as well as stimming behaviors and aggression
  • Tonify Spleen and Kidney: This will assist with food intake.

There are other symptom points that can be stimulated for increasing digestion and headache pain. The real key is getting your autistic child to tolerate your acupuncture practitioner. If they can find a routine and way that works, you too can find acupuncture for autism to be very beneficial. It may be worth your time to find out those benefits for your loved one today!

Create your own Acupuncture Spa Day in Encinitas, California

There are high brow spas all over North County San Diego. I have gone to plenty of them and I know they are very lovely and relaxing. However, I have never experienced a more relaxing and amazing experience than acupuncture with Leah. I look forward to it. I long for it. And you know what? It is not just because I have a ton of things wrong with me that she fixes. Although she fixes many things, it is the general calm and well being I receive that keep me coming back and invites me to invite you to create your own acupuncture spa day.

Acupuncture Spa Day Encinitas Agenda

  1. Start your acupuncture spa day off right with a healthy breakfast on PCH. Both Swami’s and Lotus Cafe have amazing Acai bowls. You won’t be disappointed.
  2.  Head inland to see Leah Davida for your first acupuncture spa session of the day.
  3. Make your way across the parking lot to Iyengar Yoga North County and catch a Yoga class.
  4. Check out some more healthy eats along El Camino Del Mar. Try out a Soul Bowl or a Sesame Kale Macro Bowl at Native Foods to get rejuvenated.
  5.  Go back out to the coast and park at the Metrolink Train Station. Walk down PCH to the Self-Realization Fellowship. Enjoy their gardens and a meditation, if one is taking place.
  6. Take a long walk up or down the coast. Go as far as you want. If you walk far enough and you don’t feel like walking back, hop on the Coaster, light rail and zoom back at top speed.
  7. Get your second acupuncture spa session of the day with Leah. Already I love this day, but add a second session with Leah and life is good. Get an acupuncture facelift.
  8. On the way home, stop by Living Tea and get yourself some Kombucha, on tap!

This, acupuncture spa day rivals any I know of. Plus, in addition to be physically soothed and spiritually fed, you get the health benefits of acupuncture with Leah Davida. This is a day not to be missed!

Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies? Any Evidence

acupuncture for seasonal allergiesThis is our 2nd blog in our Seasonal Allergies series. For the first click here.

So, instead of just making an appointment and seeing for yourself whether or not acupuncture for seasonal allergies works, you have decided to do more research. I know I looked, myself. I did the research. I certainly don’t want to be doing anything amazingly relaxing for no good reason. Yet, the evidence seems to show us what we already knew, acupuncture for seasonal allergies works.

Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies: Journal Annals of Internal Medicine Study

Let me give you the scoop on acupuncture for seasonal allergies. This study took people with seasonal allergies and divided them into three groups. Group 1 received real acupuncture and antihistamines, Group 2 got fake acupuncture and antihistamines, Group 3 just got antihistamines.  After 2 months those in Group 1, the ones having the real acupuncture, had less symptoms and used antihistamines the least.

Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies: “Allergy” Magazine Highlights Study

This study is even more interesting when we ask the question of whether acupuncture for seasonal allergies works. “Allergy” reviewed a randomized study of 238 patients conducted in Korea and China. The study showed that acupuncture for seasonal allergies is a safe and effective treatment.

There is, definitely, enough good research there to let me know that acupuncture for seasonal allergies is worth a go. If it can reduce nasal drip and swelling as well as antihistamines or shots, why not go the lease invasive route with no negative side effects? I have tried allergy medication before. You are at work, not even thinking about acupuncture for allergies. Then, somebody brings a plant in or opens a window and all of a sudden your eyes start watering and your nose running. You go running for your allergy pill. However, no matter what kind you choose there is some negative outcome. On one, I fell asleep face first on my computer keyboard. Don’t let this happen, come to see your acupuncture provider. They can help. In the next blog we will find out how acupuncture helps your seasonal allergies.