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Is soy bad for me? The good, the bad, and the ugly

is soy bad for meSoy is rife with controversy. Yes, soy. Every day it seems as though someone asks the question, “Is soy bad for me?” As a person smack dab in the middle of the health food / natural medicine industry, it seemed ridiculous that I hadn’t given the the question of “is soy bad for me?” much thought.

Here was my reasoning:

  1. Soy is often a remedy for female issues. If you go into any health food store and glance around the women’s section, you will find isoflavones…this is soy.
  2. Soy is ubiquitous. It is in a ton of foods and supplements that you wouldn’t even suspect it in. We eat it unless we are vigilant not to.
  3. Millions of human beings in Asian / Indian cultures eat soy every day of their lives without the deleterious effects some say it causes.
  4. I spent a majority of my life as a vegetarian. Although much of my protein is garnered from the grain/rice combo. It and quinoa can’t do it all. Soy plays and has played a rich source of nutrition throughout my life. Plus, tempeh is darn good.

So…when I originally heard the crying question of, “is soy bad for me?”, my response was, heck no!

The other day I began to do some research on this soybean and the answer to the question of “is soy bad for me?” may not be so resounding…in fact, there are some huge warnings you should heed when ingesting soy.

Is Soy Bad For Me?

  • GMO soy sucks! Is soy bad for me? GMO soy is definitely bad for you. The worst part is that 93% of all soybeans are GMO beans. I cannot begin to negotiate the tirade I could go on about GMO products right now. Fodder for the next blog!
  • Soy Protein Isolate soy isn’t much better. Is soy bad for me? Soy protein isolate has major problems that are bigger than its massive GMO problem. The problem is that they have taken the soy protein with all its phytoestrogenic qualities and isolated it from the rest of the bean. Basically you distill these properties making them strong and harmful. This form of soy is linked to nasty things like infertility, erectile dysfunction, hormonal disruption, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, difficulty losing weight, digestive problems, food allergies, and loss of libido. Wooo, that is a long list!

The good news, for me, is that there is one type of soy that does show positive health benefits. That is fermented soy!

Is soy bad for me?

Not fermented soy…tempeh, miso, natto, soy sauce.

Possible positive results from consuming fermented soy include:

  • preventing osteoporosis
  • decrease cardiovascular disease
  • preventing dementia
  • certain cancer protection (lung, liver, prostate)

So…the moral of the story is don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I was eating only non-GMO soy but still consuming the isolate. Since doing my research I made the shift to the fermented tofu. No problem, and more tempeh for me!